Ageing….as natural a process, as is stressing over it! We get you. Who wouldn’t want to go back to the skin they were born in and what all we could do, to get there!

We cannot stop ageing, but sure can delay it. Especially when ageing is premature and untimely. Let’s deep dive into what causes ageing and how we can prevent premature ageing. Most skin ageing causes occur due to one’s lifestyle, diet, sleeping schedule and environmental changes. Let's talk about the different types of skin ageing and how to prevent them so that you can age gracefully.

The Process of Skin Ageing

The process of skin ageing is intricate and multifunctional. As per the experts, the first signs of ageing usually occur at the age of 25. Now, the ageing process doesn't entirely depend on biological factors. The types of ageing and their differences depend on various other factors too.

Different Types of Skin Ageing

  • Intrinsic Ageing:
    Intrinsic ageing occurs due to genetics and the passage of time. It is a slow process that gradually turns your skin into pale, dry and inelastic skin with wrinkles and lines that are not visible until later in life.
  • Extrinsic Ageing:
    This is one of the types of skin ageing that occurs due to smoking and photoageing or UV rays. It causes deep and coarse wrinkles, patchy hyperpigmentation and decreased skin suppleness. But did you know the skin gets damaged about 80% by the sun alone, which can also lead to skin cancer? So, you better wear your SPF!
  • Hormonal Ageing:
    As the name suggests, this kind of ageing occurs due to hormonal changes. Deterioration in skin quality, harsh wrinkles and loss of collagen are some common symptoms.
  • Lifestyle Ageing:
    Lifestyle ageing occurs due to habits such as alcohol consumption, eating habits, etc. It also occurs due to environmental aspects like pollution.

Basic Tips for Anti-Ageing.

Now that you are aware of all the possibilities of skin ageing, let's now know what you can do to slow down this process:

  • Follow a thorough skincare routine.
    Skincare routine has been a proven technique to slow down the ageing process. Include gentle products in your skin routine - it may consist of a cleanser, toner, serum, a rich moisturizer, SPF and exfoliator. These basic products will help you boost your skin’s innate power to heal from within and fight back ageing signs.
  • Have a healthy diet.
    Finally, having a healthy diet is one of the most important things in avoiding ageing. Avoid having white carbohydrates or sugar as it can increase the process of age by breaking down the glucose. Hydrate yourself, and add protein to your diet like fish and meat to build strong collagen. Also, vitamin C in your diet can help you maintain the elasticity of your skin.


Now that you have got some idea about skin ageing causes and its solutions, we recommend you to start taking efforts from today itself, as it's never too late.