Winter is almost here, but have you found the best moisturiser for face in India yet? During winter, the skin tends to dry up, and if left unattended, you can develop some serious skin problems like dryness and flaky skin. It can be challenging to get hold of a moisturiser that will perfectly suit your face as many skin types range from dry, oily, sensitive and ageing to a combination of all four. But do not worry about finding the best moisturizer as we have got it covered for you!

Choose the Right Moisturiser

To choose the perfect moisturiser that suits your skin, you will need to know your skin type. 

  • Oily Skin: People with oily skin are prone to having acne and pimples than others. For this reason, choosing the best moisturiser for oily skin becomes essential. Try to go in for water-based, non-comedogenic moisturisers, as very thick creams can irritate the skin and lead to acne.
  • Dry Skin: The best moisturiser for dry skin will contain nourishing ingredients like shea butter, glycerin as they are best suited for dry skin types. Such moisturisers retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated. Use such moisturisers at night for best results.
  • Sensitive Skin: People with sensitive skin face a lot of problems in harsh weather conditions. Be it in extreme summer or winter; sensitive skin needs extra attention and care. The best moisturiser for women with sensitive skin contains soothing elements like as they are gentle on the skin. Do check for hypoallergenic tag on products before you purchase them, to avoid allergies.
  • Ageing Skin: If you have ageing skin, then the moisture evaporates faster than usual, and the skin becomes dry. Go in for oil-based moisturisers to get the best results.

Protect Your Skin

Once you have found a suitable moisturiser for your type of skin, make sure that moisturising becomes a daily habit as it not only helps to keep your skin hydrated but protects it from harsh winter conditions. Here are a few additional tips that you can follow to get glowing and moisturised this winter skin!

  • While hot water baths can be alluring during winter, avoid the application of excessively hot water on your face as it removes the natural oils from the skin. Use lukewarm water instead.
  • Get a humidifier to maintain a balanced level of humidity in your house, even if the outside temperature drops.
  • Wear protective clothes like gloves, scarves and woollen hats to keep your skin safe from the dry weather and retain the moisture.
  • Use moisturisers daily after showering, to retain the essential oils and keep the skin hydrated. It will keep the skin soft and protect against extreme dryness.
  • Most importantly, use a sunscreen (preferably a moisturising one) over your moisturiser to stay sun safe.

In Short

Winter can be harsh due to extreme and dry weather conditions due to which most of the skin problems can occur. To protect yourself from such dry, flaky skin, get the best moisturiser for face in India today and beat the cold with soft, glowing and well-moisturised skin!