Do you know what a sleeping mask is? How to apply it properly? How is it exactly different from a wash off or clay mask? Read on for such details.

It is very tough to stick to a good skincare routine and adding a new product and format to the routine can cause confusion. A sleeping mask is essentially a leave-on mask i.e. it is applied and left on overnight. It usually is in light or gel formula that absorbs fast quickly and has ingredients that act on your skin overnight.

Advantages of a Sleeping Mask

Lengthens Time for Actives to Work

If a wash off mask can give results in 10-15 minutes, what magic can it work if left on the whole night? If you get the recommended amount of sleep, a sleeping mask gets approx. 7 hours to work. With a busy schedule, actives have a greater timeframe to treat the skin.

Locks in Moisture and Active Ingredients

It is ideal for layering on an additional level of protection to get rid of your skin drying out while you sleep, especially in places where the humidity is low and during winter. A sleeping mask not only locks in moisture, but also operates ingredients.

Provides Barrier Against Impurities

A sleeping mask protects the skin from dust, dirt and other toxins throughout the night and then cleanses off the next morning. It keeps the good stuff in and leaves the bad stuff out.

Enhances Cell Regeneration

Moisture loss increases at night, so does cell resumption. It is a process that is important for assisting in delaying signs of ageing skin. The skin goes into repair mode at night, growing new cells and removing damaged ones. A sleeping mask develops this regeneration and reveals new skin cells to maintain hydrating ingredients that uplift the natural renewal process. On top of it, exfoliating masks are the best options for fighting creases on your face.

The Difference Between a Clay Mask, Sheet Mask and Sleeping Mask

Clay mask is formulated with clay and essential oils. It helps reduce the pores and fine lines visibility, get rid of pollutant or makeup residue, secure the skin and absorb the extra oil from the skin.

Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics immersed in a nutrition-packed solution or serum. These sheet stuff can be fibre, paper or gel types. These are non-washable and non-reusable.

Sleeping masks are the formulation of cream or gel which can stick on the skin overnight. These masks are meant to treat dry and dull skin over a long period while you sleep. You can use it once or twice a week or whenever your skin seems dull. An exfoliating smask works best for all skin types.

How to use a sleeping mask?

A sleeping mask is to be used as the last step of your routine.After cleansing and toning, take an appropriate amount and apply on your face and gently pat to absorb. Recommended to use twice a week.

Can I replace my night cream with this product?

Both - sleeping mask and night cream serve different purposes. A sleeping mask like The Pink Foundry’s Overnight Exfoliating Radiance Mask removes dead skin and gives a radiant look overnight. 

A night cream is the go-to therapy for your moisturisation and deep nourishment needs.

A sleeping mask can be used up to 2 times a week, whereas a night cream can be used every night.

However, there is no need to use a night cream after applying a sleeping mask.

To Conclude

So, while you are getting your beauty sleep tonight, why not take full benefit of those hours of relaxation and look after your skin too? With an exfoliating mask, you can undoubtedly wake up looking radiant more than ever!