Cleansing is an important first step, whether you have an intense 10-step skincare routine or simply stick to basics. However, in this era of one-swipe clean, cleansers have taken a back seat. Taking 2 minutes out of your hectic schedule to wash your face with a hydrating cleanser not just deep cleanses your face but preps it for next products in your routine like serums and moisturisers.

To give you a deeper insight into each of the cleansers and skin type variants, let's break it down piece by piece:

Dry Skin

How to Identify: Itchy, flaky and tight feel on the skin

What You Need: Hydrating cleansers that don't strip the skin's natural oils while efficiently removing filth and dirt. Such cleaners are your skin's saviours, since they offer a good cleanse and give a layer of additional hydration to the skin without leaving it dry and itchy.

Oily Skin

How to Identify: Large pores with greasy or a shiny feel.

What You Need: An oil-control cleanser goes deep inside pores and pulls out the oil-causing bacteria while maintaining the PH level. Gel-based or foam-based cleansers are the best-suited for oily-skin beauties. Ideal is a cleanser designed to control excess oil and sebum and clear impurities from your skin.

Quick Tip: Most of you like the dry, parched skin feel after cleansing. Mind you, it could be the result of harsh formulations. Although it feels great, such cleansers strip your skin off necessary oils. We suggest you go for mild products which control oil and sebum production minus the harshness.

The hydrating foaming facial cleanser from The Pink Foundry is a great option if you want something mild yet effective.

Sensitive Skin

How to Identify: Skin is often irritated and experiences redness.

What You Need: Pamper your skin with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and Illawarra plum. Their anti-inflammatory properties keep the skin from being inflamed while keeping the PH level stable. After cleansing your face, a unique blend of a moisture boost essential hydrating toner will soothe your skin and keep the redness in check.

Quick Tip: Patch test all products before trying on facial skin. 

Normal Skin

How to Identify: Skin blessed with no flakiness or shine. Zero complications; maybe minor breakouts.

What Do You Need: Honestly, anything will do! Try the best hydrating facial cleanser in the market (non-drying, of course). Also soap and sulphate free!

Combination Skin

How to Identify: The T-zone is oily and the cheeks are dry. 

What You Need: A formula that preserves the skin's barrier and locks in natural moisture while removing surface oil. A hydrating cleanser may work the best for combination skin as it eliminates excess oil and leaves a layer of hydration on your skin. Do check out our Hydrating Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Pro-Tip: To experience the full magic of the super actives that this cleanser contains, we advise to cleanse your face for a full 60 seconds (instead of your usual 10-15 seconds). Cleansing your face for 60 seconds straight will let these cleanser actives really penetrate the skin & actually work. It will soften the skin, hydrate the skin & will dissolve sebum blockages, dirt, oil and grime better.

‘Til next time, stay pink!