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The Pink Foundry

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One of the basic tenets of The Pink Foundry: we believe in the magical ability of the human skin. When your skin is stimulated and activated from within with the right intervention, it can restore as well as enhance its strength on the inside and its beauty on the outside.

With a rich legacy of over 23 years in developing highly efficacious cosmeceutical solutions, we formulate products that can help you bring out your skin’s innate strength.

Our unique Tria-DermTM action works in collaboration with carefully chosen, power-packed, natural ingredients deep within your skin, to stimulate, boost and regain its true power.

Remember: Your Skin Is Stronger Than You Think!


Feel The Power of Pink
We make your skin work for your skin!

By making your skin healthier on the inside & truly beautiful on the outside.

Our unique Tria-DermTM action

Our proprietary Tria-DermTM technology stimulates, boosts and helps your skin regain its true innate strength.

Clinically proven potent ingredients

Novel and internationally sourced ingredients with effective product performance.

23+ years of expertise in skincare

Developing highly efficacious cosmeceutical solutions with natural ingredients for over 2 decades.

Tria-DermTM Technology

How does it Work for You?

Our unique Tria-DermTM technology guides potent ingredients through the skin’s pathways, penetrating three layers deep within your skin.

This creates and generates ideal conditions by supporting your skin’s own strength, to regain its original health.

Our Tria-DermTM technology has been developed to unleash your skin’s innate strength, making it the healthiest version of itself. And healthy skin is truly beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?


The Foundry Journey

Our History

Our parent company, Encube Ethicals, was born in Goa in 1998, as an integrated pharmaceutical company. Today, it is one of the largest integrated topical organizations in the world, with globally accredited facilities, and unique research capabilities with more than 150 scientists.


As passionate skincare professionals, we wanted to synthesize the best of skin science and 23+ years of expertise into unique innovations for the consumer. And thus, Confira Laboratories was born.


For us, Skin Care, which is an extension of Self-Care, is our passion. So naturally, it was our next step. Enter: The Pink Foundry - our first consumer skin care brand!


Decades of research, backed by skin science and a world-class network, have condensed into innovation to formulate efficacious, cosmeceutical solutions for you! Here at The Pink Foundry, we design products to Stimulate, Boost and Regain your skin’s true innate strength, working WITH your skin, every step of the way.